Four Signs It’s Time to Schedule a Hearing Test for Your Child

Most people take their hearing for granted. However, when it comes to kids, their hearing must be monitored. The ability to hear well can affect a child’s cognitive and social development. So, when your child displays signs of hearing issues, you must schedule a test auditif a Audiologie Centre Ouest for them. You don’t want to compromise your child’s language skills and speech development by delaying the test. 

If you are like many parents, you probably do not know the common signs of hearing loss to watch out for. You may need to take your child to an audiologist for hearing loss when they experience any of the following signs:

Your Child Does Not React to Loud Background Noise

When a child is born, they react to background noise like a door slamming or a dog barking if they do not have hearing loss. Usually, they may jump or wake up briefly when asleep. It’s important to monitor this as the child gets older. If your child stops reacting to loud and sudden background noises, this may mean they need a hearing test to check if they have hearing loss.

They Have a Loud Volume of Speech

In general, kids can be loud and when they become teenagers, they may argue with you a lot. But if this tendency has come on just recently, this could indicate something is wrong with your child’s hearing. If your child can’t hear their own voice, they could speak louder to compensate. And they can come more argumentative due to frustration over the situation.

They Do Not Respond to their Name

As your child grows, they get accustomed to being called by their name and respond when called. But if your child has a hearing loss, they may not respond to you when you call their name. In this case, you should schedule a hearing test.

They Struggle at School

Your child may not perform well in school for a lot of reasons. Although personal issues and behavioral problems may contribute to this, there’s also a possibility that your kid is having a hearing problem. Usually, a discussion between you and your child’s teacher is the first step to take to recognize the problem. 

Ask your child if they can clearly hear their teacher, so you can better understand the problem. In any case, schedule an appointment with an audiologist who can explain the situation to you and rule out the hearing loss that your kid may be experiencing.