Keeping Your Children Safe When You Co-Parent with Soberlink


Divorce comes with its own set of difficulties. If you have children, you may confront difficulties in negotiating a custody agreement that best serves your child’s interests. Constructing an adequate co-parenting plan can be tough even without alcohol, but it becomes more more difficult when alcohol is involved.

When a parent is abusing alcohol, their child is at danger for both physical and mental harm. Co-parenting plans aren’t uncommon to have concerns about because of this. Soberlink delivers remote alcohol monitoring technology in order to solve these issues. Custody and alcohol-related anxieties can be alleviated with the right application of this technology when applied properly.

What is Soberlink?

In order to prove their sobriety in custody proceedings, persons might use Soberlink breathalyzer alcohol monitoring technology. Using Soberlink, which combines a professional breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, parents on both sides of a custody dispute may conduct sobriety tests and get results immediately. To do this, the gadget sends real-time data on the monitored client’s blood alcohol content as well as identification verification to the Soberlink cloud management platform. The results are made available to all parties involved in a timely manner.

Monitors that do not use breathalyzers

Alcohol monitoring for co-parents is not the only option. Urine testing and reviews about Soberlink devices for autos are examples of traditional methods. Although these tools can be useful, they are frequently inefficient and inconvenient. Because the findings of sobriety tests based on urine samples are lab-dependent, they sometimes necessitate lengthy waiting periods. The adoption of breathalyzer systems, while helpful in preventing drivers from operating automobiles while drunk, does not address the additional disadvantages caused by excessive alcohol consumption when parenting. 

What makes Soberlink a great choice for co-parenting families?

It is more accurate, flexible, and convenient than typical alcohol monitoring systems to use Soberlink’s sobriety tests. A Monitored Client’s findings can be trusted because to facial recognition and tamper detection technologies. Other alcohol testing devices don’t have features like flexible testing schedules or the ability to test remotely. Automated and fast reporting options make it easy for customers to keep tabs on their alcohol use. Soberlink is the greatest choice for co-parents who want to keep their children safe from harm.

Using a Soberlink Alcohol Testing Device in Child Custody Cases Has Advantages

Abuse of alcohol can have negative effects, particularly when children are involved, if it is not regulated in the appropriate manner. As a direct consequence of this, charges of improper use of alcohol regularly become a source of contention between parents while they are working out arrangements for child custody. On the other hand, it is notoriously difficult to provide evidence in support of comments of this nature. These problems are solvable with the assistance of the cutting-edge technology provided by Soberlink.

Client-centered advantages

Restorative rather than punitive alcohol monitoring is the focus of Soberlink’s gadgets. Abusing alcohol may be efficiently treated with the right resources, according to several experts. With the help of Soberlink reviews, parents may show their sobriety every day of the week or only when they’re at home with their children.